About Us

liv decor owner

Welcome to Liv Decor!

My name is Bev Livingstone, and I am the proud owner of Liv Decor and I would like to share a quick story about how Liv Decor evolved.

I have been a Real Estate Developer & Renovator for over 30 years.  My favourite aspect of my career was the final touch - checking trends and styling the properties.

Many months were spent planning the styling and searching for original and unique pieces to add an individual statement for the property and objects that can express beautiful moods. The problem I faced was finding special, original pieces that you couldn't find at the local shops. I also loved using artisan handmade pieces, where every piece is a one off original. I totally rejected the cookie cut, mass produced rubbish that is manufactured in China. I didn't want to style my properties with things that everybody has seen a million times.

This led me to the search. I realised I would have to find the artisans in different countries and import their magnificent original pieces to get the quality, mood and originality that I wanted.

The Design Team at Liv Decor love all things Tropical and we enjoy travelling the world sourcing, Coastal Designs made from natural materials, styles inspired by the Hamptons or Bahamas - Rustic Designs.

We love the art and value handmade products, so we focus on small artisan suppliers that use recycled materials, making each piece an original work of art.

We hope our beautiful pieces give you the inspiration to incorporate all things tropical and the feeling of the ocean. Let us take you to the beach.